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Digital Library

Digital libraries have become very important in the knowledge based economy as organizations are located at different geographical locations. Digital Library is basically an e-repository of resources like e-books, online databases, e-journals, databases of competitors, e-newspapers etc. This helps in zero duplication across multiple location as all library patrons use the same setup.

I have developed such Libraries in my previous assignments at TMTC for Tata’s, and now at L&T at their corporate Training Centre at Lonavala. People on different locations in the world can access the data thru internet/intranet. At FLAME I developed such a resource on the Intranet Portal which is accessible to the users thru internet.

Few of the outcomes of having digital library has been in different ways for e.g. improved access to information, Always current information hence competitiveness, flow of thoughts fast so new idea generation, wider access hence cost saving, improved preservation and finally cost saving which has become the key object of every organization.