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A brief introduction about Library Consulting

Library Consulting is like any other consulting which came into vogue as a necessity where libraries were not looked after well or the companies did not have a position of Librarian. It’s about many things e.g. Library Building Programs, Library Building Plan Review, Facility Needs Assessment, Organization and Management, Website Planning and launching, Collection Building, Selection of technology hard/soft, Program Planning, Financial planning and budget review for libraries, Organization planning, personnel studies, and recruitment of executive staff for libraries, Library furniture planning, Library digital signage systems, Security Systems for libraries and Library strategic and Long range planning.

A brief introduction about KM Consulting

KM consulting is about capturing the knowledge of an organization and putting it into a sharing mode for future reference. It is also about Organizational Culture, Communities of Practice, good practice transfer and building the KM strategy of the company. As a consultant I study the KM capabilities of a company suggest them a KM portal as a base to start. If there is an existing website/portal we fine tune it to the current requirements of the company.